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Carolina Chimney Services in Greenville, SC is a chimney company servicing residential chimneys with chimney sweeping, repair, installation and more. Proper maintenance of your house’s chimney is extremely important. A dirty or blocked chimney can be very dangerous to you and your family. Chimney sweeping is essential to keep your fireplace or stove safe to operate. We are also skilled at start to finish fireplace and stove installation. Contact us today to discuss your chimney project.

Fireplaces and Stoves

We sell and install wood stoves and many types of factory built fireplaces. If it’s a fireplace, we can do it for you. We will not only install the fireplace, we will also do the other steps needed to make your fireplace look its best. Chris Epperly is an experienced re-modeler. He is very good at framing, drywall, tile, stonework and many other things that will help your fireplace look great. Cory has been running a sheet metal fabrication shop dedicated to fireplaces and chimney for the past six years. He can design and build anything you would need to decorate your chimney.

Trust Our Experience

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